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Safety Culture

Special attention is devoted to formation of personal responsibility and adherence to safety culture of all those, whose activity influences ...


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Safety Culture


May, 07, 2019

The concept of “Safety Culture” for the first time was announced in 1986 while studying causes and aftermaths of Chernobyl disaster performed by International Agency of Atomic Energy (IAEA). It was recognized that it was the lack of safety culture that became one of the causes of the disaster.   
International advisory group in nuclear safety in team of IAEA Director General suggests the following definition of the concept (which is also set forth in the normative document “General provisions on nuclear power plants’ safety” NP 306.2.-141-2008):
Safety Culture is such parametric and specific of activity of organizations and separate persons’ behavior that determines that nuclear power plant safety issues as those which have the highest priority are devoted the attention defined by their significance”.
The experience of nuclear power plants operation demonstrates that causes of accidents and incidents origin in any events are connected with behavior of people (human factor), notably, with their attitude to the safety issue. Therefore human resources, style and methods of management, physiological atmosphere inside of the employees staff of the enterprise are at the center of SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” management’ attention in the first place. Both all personnel and top management also are included into the process of safety culture forming. Currently-operating Committee in safety culture being a collegiate body which coordinates separated subdivisions’ activities as regards to maintenance and improvement of personnel safety culture works at subdivisions.  
Special attention is devoted to formation of personal responsibility and adherence to safety culture of all those, whose activity influences NPP’ safety. Subdivisions policy aimed to make personnel be critical regarding to their actions and avoid showing mildness of temper in safety issues. Separated Subdivisions’ administration is intent to create conditions in which workers will not be afraid to report about their own faults. It will allow avoiding repeating them in future.
In the Program of the skeleton staff training there were included safety culture sections. Teaching materials and techniques have been developed. They are used in training of different categories employees.  Newcomers are to be trained in safety culture compulsory.   
Regularly self-assessment of Subdivisions is performed in safety culture in accordance with Programs developed taking into consideration IAEA recommendations. On the results of the self-assessment it is detected state of safety culture in departments, when it is necessary, they develop and implement corrective activities.
Separated Subdivisions’ experts take active participation in international conferences in safety culture. Their main target is experience exchanging, summing up of activities aimed at safety culture improvement and observation of directions for further improvements in this field.