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Lighting of industrial events taking place in industrial sites of SE "Atomenergomash"

Safety culture

Special attention is devoted to formation of personal responsibility and adherence to safety culture


Subdivisions of SE Atomenergomash are certified for the right to manufacture equipment for NPP and TPP


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SE Atomenergomash

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Shaped pipelines elements, welded and turned, of carbon and stainless steel with a diameter from 14 to 1620 mm, including bent and sector branch pipes.

Blocks with diaphragm Du 50-400.
Support and suspension for pipelines installation with diameter of 57-1420 mm.
Containers for liquid and solid radioactive waste storage, as well as various chemically active media.
Containers for radioactive waste shipping of the II and III groups of activity
Shipping packing kits for spent ionizing radiation source/span>
Cylindrical tanks in integral (to 100 m3) and rolled (to 1000 m3) execution, vertical and horizontal, for water storage, reagents solutions, dark and light oil products
Coal Adsorber AU-1500M
Single-plane and dual-plane spirals of high pressure heater
Metalworks of pumping-plant intake
Units of tubular electric heating elements (tubular electric heating elements of pressurizer)
Frameworks, sieves and circuitry and other rotary screen components
Spray ponds nozzles of various types
Air and gas coolers
Quick release thermal protection for equipment, pipelines and steam lines with a diameter of at least 650mm
Heat-insulating mats
Fire-resisting doors of 90, 45 and 30 min fire-resisting rating
Fire-resisting doors, gates, hatches
General mechanical rubber goods (rings, cups, gears, bushings and others)
Raised floors of electrotechnical rooms
Rope cargo slings
Excess pressure valves EPV-100,150,200,250,300 (pressure compensator by 350,400 and 500)
Cable ducts of various types
Metalworks of various shapes and complexity

Sealing gaskets:

  • - flanged combined gasket with a steel backing
  • - graphite-lined gaskets (without lining)
  • - graphite gasket of “FRENZELIT” material (Germany)
  • - rubberized asbestos fabric gasket
  • - copper gaskets
  • - serrate gaskets.