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Lighting of industrial events taking place in industrial sites of SE "Atomenergomash"

Safety culture

Special attention is devoted to formation of personal responsibility and adherence to safety culture


Subdivisions of SE Atomenergomash are certified for the right to manufacture equipment for NPP and TPP


Those wishing to pass professional selection and
find a job in
SE Atomenergomash

Compliance policy
Anti-corruption regulations Anti-Corruption programme SE NNEGC "Energoatom" Line of trust Safety culture Privacy policy Information policy Report corruption



Publication by Oleg Polishchuk, Director of Anti-Corruption Center - the advisor to the President of the SE "NNEGC "Energoatom", Authorized Person for Company Anti-Corruption Program implementation: "Conflict of interests. What do you need to prevent an offence of law?"

The pride of workforce or the violation of anti-corruption legislation LABOR DYNASTY


For Anti-Corruption issues, contact us by e-mail: