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Safety culture

Special attention is devoted to formation of personal responsibility and adherence to safety culture


Subdivisions of SE Atomenergomash are certified for the right to manufacture equipment for NPP and TPP


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Assortment of goods
High quality of services provided by “Atomenergomash” is ensured by highly-skilled personnel, modern equipment and with adhere to technological discipline at all production stages.

The production is equipped with specialized equipment designed for:

precise metalworking (including machines with numerical control);
- gas-plasma cutting of sheet metal with a thickness of up to 150 mm and pipes cutting with a diameter of up to 1200 mm;
- metal forge-rolling with a thickness of up to 40 mm;
- heat treatment;
- pipes bending with a diameter of up to 426 mm;
- sheet metal forming;
- woodworking;
- anticorrosion coatings;
- ion-plasma spraying;
- general mechanical rubber production
- restoration of centering journal necks with diameter of up to 800 mm, L=12 m
“Atomenergomash” provides the following services:
Aggregate repair of heat exchange equipment:
- Circulation generator cooler
- Process condenser and condenser-degassifier
- SPP-1000 separation steam superheater 
- PSV-125, 200,340,500 heating-system water heater
- Low pressure heater PN-1200, PN-3000
- MB-90-135, MB-380-500, M540, MO-25CH4 oil coolers, turbo-feed pump reduction gears, K-1000-60/3000 turbine control systems
- TQ30W01 emergency cooling heat exchanger
- Main and auxiliary condenser of steam jet ejector machine, as well as equipment manufacturing in accordance with customers’ drawings and specifications

Overhaul of the following:

- Spirals of high pressure heater with Bottom Nozzles replacement of stainless steel
- KID-100-400 excess pressure valves
- VDNA-nzh-15S ventilator hydraulic units
- AU-1500 coal absorbers
- Air coolers of DVDA, ANSM, VAZ types electric motors
- OV-110 MBK pumping units with surfaces restoration damaged by cavitation
- Electric motors with stator winding replacement (DVDA, VAZ-215 and other types up to 6 kV)
- Main and auxiliary condenser of steam jet ejector machine, as well as equipment manufacturing in accordance with customers’ drawings and specifications
Works “on turn-key basis”
- Pipelines replacement from pearlitic to austenitic steels (disassembly, pipeline element manufacturing and assembly)
- Fire – resisting doors with 45-90 min fire-resistance rating with assembly without finishing work and maintenance
- Manufacturing of forebay metal structures for a large pumping facility with disassembly/ assembly
- Manufacturing and assembly of heat insulating mats
- Manufacturing of KID – 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 excess pressure valves, pressure valves on 350, 400, 500 (disassembly, manufacturing, assembly)/td>
- Metalworks manufacturing: operating floors, metal floors, facing, supports etc. with installation after assembly on the existing foundation.
Metal inspection laboratory and QC-department services:
Metal inspection laboratory and QC- department specialists are certified by independent certification bodies in the field of non-destructive testing. Technical inspection department and metal inspection lab use all kinds of inspection stipulated by normative documentation to check the quality of raw materials and finished products up:
- dye penetrant flaw detection
- metallographic arc spectroscope
- X-ray flaw detection
- visual and measuring control
- liquid penetrant testing
- magnaflux inspection
- leakage test
- metallographic tests
- strength test against inter-crystalline corrosion
- determination of ferritic phase amount of the base metal, welded joints and weld metal
- frequency analysis
- physical-mechanical  inspection

Services of Chief welder department

The following types of works are carried out by highly-qualified welders at Atomenergomash:

- butt seam welding  of armature
- orbital welding of pipes with diameter from 8 mm to 24 mm
- semi-automatic pulse welding of stainless and aluminum alloys in protective gas medium
- resistance spot and seam resistance welding of metalworking with a thickness from 0,1 mm
- automatic submerged arc welding of stainless steel sheets
-              semi-automatic welding, covered-electrode arc welding and argon-arc welding of low-carbon, high-alloy steels, as well as installations for semi-automatic welding of metalworks and pipelines in protective gas medium.

SS "Atomenergomash" provides services for the primary and periodic certification of welders in accordance with the normative documents:  NPAOP (НПАОП) 0.00-1.60-66; NPAOP (НПАОП)  0.00-1.26-96; NPAOP (НПАОП) 0.0-1.11-98; DSTU-N B V.(ДСТУ-Н Б В.)2.5-66: 2012; DSTU-N B V. (ДСТУ-Н Б В.)2.5-68: 2012; NPAOP(НПАОП)  0.00-1.01-07; NPAOP (НПАОП) 0.00-1.22-08; NPAOP(НПАОП)  0.00-1.02-08; NPAOP (НПАОП) 0.00-1.36-03; DSTU B.V. (ДСТУ-Н Б В.)2.6-199: 2014; DSTU B.V. (ДСТУ-Н Б В.)2.6-200: 2014; SNiP (СНиП) III-18-75 (p.3-8); SNiP (СНиП)3.03.01-87 (p. 4.78-4.134); DSTU ISO 9606-2,3,4,5 with the ability to perform the following types of welding work:

- Steam boilers and water heaters
- Steam and hot water pipelines>
- Lift cranes
- Load lifts, elevators
- Structures of buildings and constructions
- Steel works, including of nonferrous metal and alloys

Chief welder department also provides the following services:

- Welding and gas-flame equipment set up
- Repair and maintenance of welding apparatus
-  Welding materials burning
- Welding wire rewinding from coil to bobbin

Services of Electromechanical service:

- major repair or a rolling of cutting machines and other machine tools
- current repair of the compressor equipment
- current repair of hoisting mechanisms
- maintenance of electrical installations
- refilling of propane cylinders
- painting equipment